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Welcome to Global Billiard Manufacturing, the leading manufacturer of upscale coin operated pool tables and commercial pool tables.

Global Billiard has been breaking the barriers of conventional coin operated pool table and commercial pool table design for over 40 years. For 2010, Global Billiard offers more models than ever before; four distinctive coin op pool table models available in 7', 8' and 9' sizes, and two commercial billiard tables. All of our coin operated pool tables switch from “coin operation” to “coin free operation" with the turn of a key. Our line of commercial pool tables feature three piece 1 ½” slate with twenty-four rail bolts and are considered some of the best playing professional billiard tables available. Our full size 9’ Concorde coin operated pool table model also features the same 1 ½” slate, giving you the same action found on professional pool tables, only in a coin op pool table!

An addition to our 2010 line-up of bar pool tables is the Matrix, a fully programmable battery operated bill and coin acceptor unit. The Matrix now makes it possible for coin op pool tables to accept quarters, or $1, $5, $10 or $20 bills. With the Time Play option, the Matrix converts your coin operated pool table into a time operated pool table. The Matrix is designed to fit all of our Global models and our conversion kit is compatible with most major brands.

The image and popularity of pool has improved dramatically over the past few years, and many bars, nightclubs and hotels now realize the benefits of using an upscale coin operated pool table. Global recognized this trend toward upscale tables long ago, and in response designed the traditionally styled Buckingham and Windsor. These coin op pool table models are as durable as they are beautiful.

For the ultimate performance in a coin operated pool table, we developed the Concorde. Utilizing the rails and castings from our full size Centennial commercial pool table, the Concorde offers superior rebound, accuracy and consistency found in no other coin operated pool table. The Concorde is available in 7’, 8’ and 9’ models and is constructed with a gorgeous black sparkle laminate with bright chrome corners and cylindrical legs constructed of steel.

Standard equipment with all our coin operated pool tables is the Saluc PR (Perfect Roll) cue ball from Belgium. Unlike other magnetic cue balls, the new Saluc PR is multi-layered. This revolutionary design makes the magnetic cue ball separate every time because the metal recognition inside the ball is much more sensitive. The new design and construction has also created a flawless rolling cue ball that is the same weight as the object balls. This has dramatically improved playability on coin operated pool tables due to the fact other magnetic cue balls are heavier than the object balls.

In addition to being an innovator in the coin op pool table market, Global also manufactures two commercial pool tables, the Centennial and Liberty. These billiard tables are renowned for quality and accuracy, and are the best playing tables money can buy. Featuring 1 ½ inch slate, twenty four rail bolt connections and a heavy duty 10/4 poplar frame, the Liberty and Centennial keep profits rolling for billiard room owners for years.

Backed by over 40 years experience manufacturing pool tables, the Global Billiard name has become synonymous with style, quality and playability. We welcome you to visit our website, or if you are in the Los Angeles area, feel free to stop by our factory.


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